God Thinks Bigger Than I Do

Several decades ago a writer named JB Phillips wrote a book entitled, Your God Is Too Small. His main point was that we keep trying to make God out to be a figure that fits our biases and someone we can put into a box and feel like we’ve got him figured out and under control. That’s one of the biggest problems atheists have — they keep putting down the concept of a god that isn’t big enough to be God. Of course not! God is a lot bigger than I can imagine Him, and He thinks on a much bigger scale than I can possibly conceive.

That brings us to today’s readings.


Isaiah 49:3, 5-6

Israel has just been taken out to the woodshed for idolatry and mistreatment of the poor and the innocent. They’ve been exiled to Babylon. Now they’re thinking about a Messiah who will make them a great nation again.

God Answers: You’re thinking too small. It’s not enough for you to be a powerful nation. I want to make you a light to the world so everyone can be saved.


I Corinthians 1:1-3

The Corinthians are caught up in petty squabbles about who’s aligned with who, creating rivalries and competing groups.


God Answers (through Paul): Why are you thinking so — wrapped up in creating your little groups? You have an eternal destiny! You’ve been called to be holy; to be like Jesus! You’re His Church! Get over your pathetic arguments.


John 1:29-34

Some people thought John the Baptist could be the Messiah. Once again, like the Israelites after the exile, they were thinking political & religious hero.


God Answers: This is my Son. He will take away the sin of the world. He’s far more than meets the eye and far greater than what you’re thinking.


Let’s stop looking for a God who works on our terms. A God who gives us what we want when we want it. A God who is nice and doesn’t ask too much.


Instead, think boundless Love! Think Creator of a whole Universe! Think bigger than you can imagine!


Then let us fall to our knees in awe and adoration.



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