A Time to Tell

Gary Fultz writes a blog under the title, “God’s Ways Are…Different.” He recently shared this dramatic account of his wife’s encounter with a relative. This story spoke to me of God’s grace in two ways.

The first is how God reached through to a woman who was self-absorbed with her own misery. Opening herself to God gave Him the opportunity to ease her bitterness and pain and for her to receive the hope of eternal life.

The second is the movement of grace within the heart of Gary’s wife. Despite the antagonism directed toward her, she received the courage and resolve to reach through her aunt’s opposition and bring God’s love to someone who was desperately hurting. This is an example of spiritual heroism — when God’s Spirit moves within us to help us overcome barriers so we can share His love and do His will.

Gods Ways are...Different

It’s a story that needs telling. Maybe some stories are sacred enough to leave for the telling in eternity. Maybe some can be told as a teaser for story time a hundred years from now. I will leave most things out but you will get the gist.

sunset in the storm eml   Ominous sunset with a storm coming. I wonder what clashing spiritual forces look like? 

A while after moving to a strange place, with hardly an acquaintance, my wife casually mentioned to me she had an aunt (I had never met) living in the same small town where we lived. Odd situation I guess. Auntie didn’t like any of us or care to meet but she had cancer and was not long for this world. My wife had never felt moved to get to know auntie until now. “I’m going to visit her starting tomorrow” she announced “and she probably will not want…

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