Seeing my wife in the morning brings me joy. Her smile warms my heart. Her inner beauty and love delight my soul.

Could it be that that’s how God feels about us? Despite knowing our every fault and failing, He delights in us. He’s the Prodigal Father who grieves His son’s departure and then unconditionally celebrates his return; the shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine behind in search of the one that is lost. What a Father we have who calls us His own—His beloved!


PRAYER: Heavenly Father, that you would bestow such dignity and favor upon me is inconceivable, for you know me all too well. But, then, it never was about my measuring up, anyway. Comparing ourselves to others so we could create winners and losers is our thing, not Yours. Your love is too marvelous for words! I praise you, my Lord and King!


No more shall you be called “Forsaken,” nor your land called “Desolate,” but you shall be called “My Delight is in her,” and your land Espoused. For the Lord delights in you…                                                      Isaiah 62:4 NABRE



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