Sharing Your Catholic Faith Story by Nancy Ward

SYCFS Cover REVISED 3-6 Full cover sizeGod is always present with us and inviting us into a relationship with Him. That relationship, in turn, becomes a means to healing and spiritual growth. All the religious practices and insights in the world will mean little to us without first knowing Him.

Sharing You Catholic Faith Story: Tools, Tips, and Testimonies is a wonderful and inspiring book about discovering God’s work in your own life and how to share it with others. Catholic author and friend, Nancy Ward, has put together thirty stories of conversion and spiritual journey that will:
·      Encourage and motivate you.
·      Help you to see God working in your own life.
·      Show you how to find your own narrative.
·      Equip you to share your story with others.

She’s currently offering a drawing for a free book, and you can find out more about Nancy and her soon-to-be-published book on her website: Joy Alive Website.


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