Until That Day

One needn’t look far

to find those

who preach denial and desolation.


One might think

those without hope

would be content

to keep smug emptiness to themselves.


But in the name of a godless religion

they strike out against the poor and struggling,

seeking to ensnare and ensure their demise;

laying waste to all faith, hope, and love.


Intimidation and derision

become weapons

used by the clever

to slay truth and crush wisdom.


At times, it seems

those willing to take God’s side

have dwindled;

conveniently avoiding abuse from the wicked.


When God

looks across

the expanse of our world,

will He still find faith?


Though we suffer and

languish beneath attacks,

God will restore

His People.


Even now, His Spirit inspires,

but the day will come

when He will wipe away every tear

and we will see the glory of the Lord.


Based on Psalm 14

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