Resonating God’s Glory

Instruments make musical sounds due to a physical property called resonance. Every object seems to have a natural frequency at which it will vibrate. It could be a string on a violin, the chamber of a horn, a glass, or even a bar of metal. If the object receives sufficient stimulus at its resonant frequency, the waves of vibration synchronize and build up on one another, producing a beautiful musical sound.


I think people, indeed, all of creation, also display a kind of spiritual resonance that is produced when our actions and our whole being correspond to God’s will and design.


The Ten Commandments give us a glimpse of this design and act as a type of blueprint for behavior. Living according to God’s plan—to how we were made to live— leads us to satisfying relationships and happiness.


But even this Law, as good as it is, is still only a discrete list. It does not and cannot fully describe the glory that God desires. While practicing the Law as a set of rules produces good results, the product can become only a mechanical copy of the masterpiece God intends.


So instead of following the Law alone, which remains a worthy but incomplete guide, the Father gave us the perfect image of who we are meant to be in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. And through the Holy Spirit, we receive just the right stimulus to excite our souls and allow us to resonate God’s glory.



One thought on “Resonating God’s Glory

  1. “spiritual resonance” really captures the essence of one in tune with Gods heart…
    I am seeing this in a fresh way in my 86 year old father with cancer yet so intimate in relationship with God. His spiritual resonance sings to new heights as his body weakens. His inner strength grows as his body wastes away. Thanks so much for this well written insight.

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