For A Season

Four years past, I planted two peach trees in my yard.

The fruit they bore their second year gave promise of future reward.

But an early frost, followed by a harsh winter,

produced trees green and growing without blossoms or fruit to gather.


What should I now do with these stubborn saplings?

Complain to the Grower of my discontent or rail against the hostile weather?

Transplant my trees to more favorable ground,

or cut them down and be rid of them altogether?


No fault of Grower do I here find,

nor will next door the Sun brighter shine.

Although weather changes from year to year, trees’ potential stays the same.

I’ll not fret over what I can’t control, nor look somewhere else to place the blame.


I’ll tend the trees — prune and fertilize.

In faith, I’ll love and care for them with hope to realize,

that after a season, they should bear a delightful treasure

which from my view today, remains hidden.


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