Be Exalted

Although I have done no wrong,

Trouble continues to pursue me.

It prepares itself for my demise;

Seeks to cast me into a pit,

Deep and dark,

From which there is no escape.



I try to hide away

And elude

The afflictions and Enemy

That seek to bring me down.


At times I’m afraid;

My anger grows in frustration.

I’m unsure of what to do.

It is all too much to bear.


“Have mercy on me, Lord,”

I plead when alone at night.

“Save me from all of this.

Put an end to my misery;

Restore me with your peace.”


Our Lord has not called us to live a life of ease,

But one of heroic faithfulness and trust.

We are the heroes,

Not in a fairy tale,

But in an epic story

Of unimaginable proportions,

That will one day come to a decisive end.


For a time,

Those living in a sin-stained world

Will need to endure trial and sorrow.

During these hours,

It may sometimes seem

That the Light remains hidden

In cloud and mist.


But whether we find respite in this life,

Or we must wait until the next,

Deliverance is sure

For those He calls His own.


What say we, then, to our Lord,

Who gives us joy and peace

And the sure promise of life eternal,

In the presence of our God and King?


“My heart is steadfast, God,

my heart is steadfast.

I will sing and chant praise.

Awake, my soul;

awake, lyre and harp!

I will wake the dawn.

I will praise you among the peoples, LORD;

I will chant your praise among the


For your mercy towers to the heavens;

your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

Exalt yourself over the heavens, God;

may your glory appear above all the

earth.” (Psalm 57:8-12)


Inspired by Psalm 57.


The scriptures cited in this poem are taken from The New American Bible Revised Edition.

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