Love Did It

There is a lot to discourage us, today. If you’re a Catholic disciple of Christ, it can appear even worse, at least on the surface. We find ourselves facing increasing hostility, feel pressured to compromise our beliefs, and see “believers” all around us who profess faith in Christ but fail to live it.

How do we stay positive and faithful in the midst of all this? One way is to recognize the spiritual reality of God’s love, power, presence, and promise of eternal life. We also can look to the healing and vitalizing power of the Holy Spirit. We gain access to both of these through prayer, Bible reading and study, fellowship with other believers, and partaking in the Sacraments.

Another way I find encouragement is through reading and writing stories, poems, and reflections about God and the Christian life. By encouragement, I mean not only feelings of affirmation, but also words that challenge me toward godliness.

That gives you the background and motivation behind writing my first book: Love Did It: Stories, Poems, and More to Inspire Everyday Catholic Disciples. Within the book, I’ve included poems and reflections that are both a product of, and inspiration for, my Catholic faith. There are also stories about everyday disciples facing struggles and trials and how they dealt with them. I’ve even included some dramatic sketches based on the Gospels.

I encourage you to take a look at Love Did It. It’s available in both Kindle and print formats on Amazon, and it’s favorably priced.


The Lord be with you, and may he strengthen you on your journey.


Kevin Luksus

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