After 25 years as a volunteer leader in parish minisportrait1try, I began to seek to better understand  the obstacles blocking spiritual growth, both personally and as a parish. While recognizing the need for evangelization, genuine Christian community, and discipleship, I came to appreciate how all of these hinge on a more fundamental dynamic: conversion to Christ.

Parish dynamics starts with the premise that spiritual vitality comes through ongoing conversion. This conversion depends not on how much we know or do, but to the degree by which we allow the Holy Spirit to change or “form” us. “Dynamics” are simply movements of the Spirit that bring about conversion, and our best response is neither one of control nor passivity, but of cooperation.

As I continue to recognize the profound implications of a spirituality based on conversion, I hope to share my discoveries with others and to inspire others to do the same.


Raised as a Catholic and attending Catholic schools, the Lord captured my heart during my senior year in high school. After starting out as an electrical engineer, I changed careers and have spent the subsequent years in medical practice as a family physician. Since my conversion experience, I have served as a leader in a variety of parish ministries, including college campus ministry, marriage enrichment, music ministry, men’s groups, high school youth ministry, discipleship training, mentoring, and adult faith formation. I am an ecclesial lay minister, and I currently lead a men’s group and teach workshops for the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana.

Kevin Luksus


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