Counter-Dynamics: Attachments & Distractions

Q: After sin, what is the most common obstacle to advancement in the spiritual life? A: Attachments! What in the world is an attachment? I’m attached to my wife, my kids, and my dog. Does this mean I need to leave them and go to a monastery if I want to grow closer to God?Continue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Attachments & Distractions”

Counter-Dynamics: Obstacles to Spiritual Vitality and What You Can Do About Them

Ongoing conversion is necessary for spiritual vitality, and the Holy Spirit works in us to bring about this conversion. If we have received the Spirit through the sacraments, should we not, then, experience ongoing growth? What holds us back? Counter-dynamics! A counter-dynamic (my term and not the Church’s) is anything that creates resistance to conversion.Continue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Obstacles to Spiritual Vitality and What You Can Do About Them”

Are You Ready to Drop Your Net?

You’re standing in the narthex at your church when someone asks you to join a weekly Bible study? What’s the first thing that crosses your mind? Vincent de Paul needs volunteers to help move items for the poor this next weekend. Do you consider how you can rearrange your schedule and pitch in, or doContinue reading “Are You Ready to Drop Your Net?”

Conversion 101: Surrender

St. Teresa of Calcutta first came to India at the age of eighteen as a postulant with the Loreto Sisters. On her arrival, she was struck by the poverty and the suffering of the native people. She began teaching in the Loreto convent school and later became headmistress. Her love for the poor was evidentContinue reading “Conversion 101: Surrender”