Seize the Way!

My wife used to shake her head when I would eat hot food that had gone cold or drink a warm soda. Not that I could blame her. Heat brings out the flavors in food and chilled soft drinks are more refreshing. Some food and drink aren’t palatable at room temperature. The same is trueContinue reading “Seize the Way!”

Living with Joy

In the past, when I read the Parable of the Sower (Matt. 13:1-8), I always thought of the final part of the story, where fruit is produced a hundred, sixty, or thirtyfold, as the result of sowing seed on rich soil. And so it is. But, in addition to this explicit meaning, it also impliesContinue reading “Living with Joy”

Break the Silence

Do you know how it is when you realize you should do something but don’t? That list is longer than I care to admit. But the one on my mind today is the practice of talking to others about God. I don’t do it enough. Now, the odd part is, it’s not because I’m uncomfortableContinue reading “Break the Silence”

Counter-Dynamics: Apathy & Indifference

I believe one of the greatest challenges facing American society today is a growing indifference to the Christian religion. Beyond a Philosophy or Moral System Most people, including atheists, would admit that Christianity helps to define moral behavior and distinguish right from wrong. Unfortunately, many people appreciate only this quality and use it as aContinue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Apathy & Indifference”