A Profound Message of Hope

During Holy Week, particularly on Good Friday, we recall the last moments in Jesus’ life leading up to and including his crucifixion. Through his suffering and death (i.e., his Passion), Jesus atoned for our sins and merited our salvation.   A Question Reflecting on Jesus’ Passion, I found myself asking a question for which IContinue reading “A Profound Message of Hope”

Take Heart

The word, encourage, comes from the Old French, encouragier, which means “to make strong” or “to give heart.” We all seem to need and thrive on encouragement. So what makes our hearts faint and in need of strengthening?   The Faint of Heart A major heart-weakener is fear—the anxiety or anticipation of something we perceiveContinue reading “Take Heart”

7 Keys to Living in Peace

For several months I’ve written blogs on topics related to finding peace in life. I could keep going, but it’s time to step back and put it all together. Here are my Seven Keys to peace.   Know, love, and follow Jesus. This is our starting (and end) point. Our hearts are restless with aContinue reading “7 Keys to Living in Peace”