Beautiful Souls

So many of us have grieved the incredible loss of life and suffering resulting from the recent acts of violence in Las Vegas and Sutherland, Texas. It is only natural that such wanton disregard for life would arouse fear, anger, and for some, despair.   My friend Angela was deeply touched with sorrow for theContinue reading “Beautiful Souls”

For to You Has Been Granted

Julian of Norwich was an anchoress (a person who has dedicated her life to God) and mystic who lived in the 14th century. When she was thirty, she became ill and thought she would die. During her illness, she received sixteen revelations or “showings” and later would write about these in her Showings.   AllContinue reading “For to You Has Been Granted”

A Deeper Reality

Our nation has once again been stunned by a horrific event, this time in Sutherland, Texas, where a young man brutally gunned down disciples at the First Baptist Church. Some people have chosen to use this occasion to mock Christians, suggesting that if someone could go to a church and kill worshippers, prayer must beContinue reading “A Deeper Reality”

Living with Joy

In the past, when I read the Parable of the Sower (Matt. 13:1-8), I always thought of the final part of the story, where fruit is produced a hundred, sixty, or thirtyfold, as the result of sowing seed on rich soil. And so it is. But, in addition to this explicit meaning, it also impliesContinue reading “Living with Joy”