The Ideal Friend

What makes a valued friend? I looked to see what other bloggers had to say on the subject. Here are some of the most popular answers. Honest Trustworthy Willing to forgive and not hold grudges Non-judgmental Generous Will listen and tries to understand you There when you need them Respects you and others Accepts youContinue reading “The Ideal Friend”

The Secret to a Happy Marriage

It was Sunday morning, and my wife and I were listening to a couple talk about how to tune up your marriage. At one point, they asked the audience to share what they thought was the most crucial ingredient for keeping a marriage healthy. Good communication, mutual respect, shared commitment, and praying together were allContinue reading “The Secret to a Happy Marriage”

Building on Trust

A climactic moment in the first of Peter Jackson’s cinematic versions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, comes when Boromir tries to take The Ring of Power from Frodo. In his home country, Gondor, men recognized Boromir as a courageous man and someone in whom they could place complete trust. Even afterContinue reading “Building on Trust”

Getting Out of the Box

I was an electrical engineer for six years before changing careers to become a family physician. After I began medical practice, I found that some people who knew of my engineering background expected me to do well at analytical thinking and analyzing data also dismissed any possibility that I might have an intuitive or creativeContinue reading “Getting Out of the Box”