Resonating God’s Glory

Instruments make musical sounds due to a physical property called resonance. Every object seems to have a natural frequency at which it will vibrate. It could be a string on a violin, the chamber of a horn, a glass, or even a bar of metal. If the object receives sufficient stimulus at its resonant frequency,Continue reading “Resonating God’s Glory”

Room In Your Heart

Imagine a young couple and their infant daughter traveling in a remote area late one evening, when their car breaks down. It seemed good fortune that they were stranded only a quarter of a mile out of the town of Sans Coeur, and the couple was relieved to find several hotels nearby. But Sans CoeurContinue reading “Room In Your Heart”

Counter-Dynamics: Natural Resistance to Change

Every human being has some natural resistance to change, and this resistance is not necessarily a bad thing. We enjoy familiar people, objects, and situations. Rather than always placing ourselves in danger or awkward situations, enjoying security and constancy can be healthy for us. Habits make our lives more efficient and preferable to having toContinue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Natural Resistance to Change”

Counter-Dynamics: Attachments & Distractions

Q: After sin, what is the most common obstacle to advancement in the spiritual life? A: Attachments! What in the world is an attachment? I’m attached to my wife, my kids, and my dog. Does this mean I need to leave them and go to a monastery if I want to grow closer to God?Continue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Attachments & Distractions”