Room In Your Heart

Imagine a young couple and their infant daughter traveling in a remote area late one evening, when their car breaks down. It seemed good fortune that they were stranded only a quarter of a mile out of the town of Sans Coeur, and the couple was relieved to find several hotels nearby. But Sans CoeurContinue reading “Room In Your Heart”

For to You Has Been Granted

Julian of Norwich was an anchoress (a person who has dedicated her life to God) and mystic who lived in the 14th century. When she was thirty, she became ill and thought she would die. During her illness, she received sixteen revelations or “showings” and later would write about these in her Showings.   AllContinue reading “For to You Has Been Granted”

You Did It to Me

One of my grandchildren recently developed a serious, but treatable, health condition. Suddenly, I found myself experiencing all the same feelings of apprehension and anxiety that I had for my children when they were young and encountered trouble. Not only was I hurting for my grandchild, but I felt the stress that my daughter mustContinue reading “You Did It to Me”

There Is a Better Way

I remember attending a pediatrics conference a few years back where a speaker on adolescent medicine extolled the benefits of promoting birth control and condoms for teens and pre-teens. He laughed as he quickly dismissed the argument for abstinence education, ridiculing any practitioner who would promote it as not only naive but even negligent in theirContinue reading “There Is a Better Way”