Resonating God’s Glory

Instruments make musical sounds due to a physical property called resonance. Every object seems to have a natural frequency at which it will vibrate. It could be a string on a violin, the chamber of a horn, a glass, or even a bar of metal. If the object receives sufficient stimulus at its resonant frequency,Continue reading “Resonating God’s Glory”

If Today

What do you do when you come up against something that goes against your way of thinking? I have seen people respond in one of four ways:   To ignore it. To deny it. To discredit it. To wrestle with it.   Which one describes you? What have you done the last several times thisContinue reading “If Today”


Here I am, once again, Taking ashes, Making promises, And pledging Acts of devotion.   I have to admit; It’s discouraging To see How little changes From year to year.   There they are, The same three hideous Pieces of furniture— Self-centeredness, complacency, And pride— Still sitting in my living room.   I had hopedContinue reading “Rubbish”