Seeing my wife in the morning brings me joy. Her smile warms my heart. Her inner beauty and love delight my soul. Could it be that that’s how God feels about us? Despite knowing our every fault and failing, He delights in us. He’s the Prodigal Father who grieves His son’s departure and then unconditionallyContinue reading “Delight”


God is light. In Him, there is no darkness at all. He warms the chill, restores vigor to the weak, and gives hope in despair. He lightens hearts heavy with burdens. Surroundings blurred in a haze of cloudy vision regain their color and brilliance. His glow reveals beauty we could not see. The Light illuminatesContinue reading “Light”

The Healthy Pray-er

I started the habit of daily prayer as a freshman in college, and it was rare for me to miss even a day. But there were times when something would come up that kept me from my devotions. On one occasion, having missed two days in a row, I recognized myself becoming more irritable andContinue reading “The Healthy Pray-er”

How to Pray Always

A friend once loaned me a book that urged those hungry for God to pray always. Inspired, I strove to pray as often as possible throughout each day. The thought was that if I did it enough, it would become easier to fill in the gaps. Despite all my efforts, after two years, I hadContinue reading “How to Pray Always”