Letting Go

Alan had a deep love for Jesus, and he wanted others to know Him, too. Soon after joining the Catholic student ministry at the university, he sought out other students to help him start a retreat program. Alan invited these leaders to go with him on retreat at another college so they, too, could haveContinue reading “Letting Go”

Never Alone

Aaron had developed some close friendships over the past several years. While they enjoyed each other’s company, more importantly, they openly shared their faith and encouraged one another. Circumstances, however, were causing the fellowship slowly to break apart. A couple of his friends had already moved away, and the busyness of life was making itContinue reading “Never Alone”

Hidden Treasure

Jaren was a good kid. That he almost never got into trouble was proof. The problem was, he never did anything else to attract attention to himself, either. In fact, he hated being the center of attention, so while he was growing up, he didn’t mind that people treated him like he was invisible. JarenContinue reading “Hidden Treasure”

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Turn to God

It was Susan’s sophomore year at a prestigious college. Last year, someone had told her that her second year would be the hardest. She didn’t believe them then, but now that she was well into the first semester, she wondered if she was going to make it. Feeling the Load It wasn’t just the classes,Continue reading “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Turn to God”