Catholic Answers


Provides reading, listening, and video resources to help disciples answer questions and  defend the Catholic faith.

Classical Theist


Includes a blog, podcasts, printed, and multi-media materials that simplify apologetics in   defending marriage, the Bible, and the faith in the face of challenges from atheism and secularism.


Evangelizing Absent Catholics

Awakening Faith


Six-week, parish-based, small group program to help inactive or alienated Catholics return to the Church. Created by Paulist Evangelization Ministries.

Catholics Come Home.org


Outreach to Catholics who have been absent or estranged from the Church. Provides welcoming, healing approach. Provides answers to common questions and will direct seekers to a local parish.


Evangelizing the Unchurched

Neighbors Reaching Neighbors


Parish-based promotional materials and instructional DVD for parishes seeking to reach the unchurched by invitation to children’s classes, RCIA, etc. From Paulist Evangelization Ministries.

St. Paul Street Evangelization


Ministry to promote community street evangelization. Obtain resources, find answers to questions about evangelization or the Church, find a local evangelization ministry team, or start your own.


Inquiry about the Catholic Faith

Seeking Christ


Eight-week parish-based program for those inquiring about the Catholic faith. From Paulist Evangelization Ministries.

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