For A Season

Four years past, I planted two peach trees in my yard.

The fruit they bore their second year gave promise of future reward.

But an early frost, followed by a harsh winter,

produced trees green and growing without blossoms or fruit to gather.


What should I now do with these stubborn saplings?

Complain to the Grower of my discontent or rail against the hostile weather?

Transplant my trees to more favorable ground,

or cut them down and be rid of them altogether?


No fault of Grower do I here find,

nor will next door the Sun brighter shine.

Although weather changes from year to year, trees’ potential stays the same.

I’ll not fret over what I can’t control, nor look somewhere else to place the blame.


I’ll tend the trees — prune and fertilize.

In faith, I’ll love and care for them with hope to realize,

that after a season, they should bear a delightful treasure

which from my view today, remains hidden.


The Unwanted Gift

There once was a simple man,

Paid a visit by his King,

Who left him with a gift so strange;

A flute he must make to sing.


Though unfamiliar with instrument,

Untrained and lacking skill,

Soon tunes began to issue forth

To honor his Lord and liege’s will.


He left his home to share the gift,

Surely others would want to hear,

Tunes played from his master’s flute

He sought out all who came near.


First, he greeted a pastor,

a man who cared for souls.

Who laughed and said, “You’re nothing,”

then continued with his stroll.


Next, he met a shopkeeper, a woman

who spoke so authoritatively.

“I have more important things to do,” said she,

“then listen to the likes of thee.”


Then came some workers,

Who saw the chipped and worn flute,

Placing hands over ears, they laughed in scorn,

And hurled insults brute.


One passerby slowed a moment,

Then beheld the man’s plain state,

Decided he could not listen or attend,

It wasn’t worth his wait.


Now, the peasant, not knowing what to do,

Tried his music in the street.

But the noise and chaos of the crowd

Drowned out his tunes so pure and sweet.


At last, he settled atop a hill

A troubadour whose soul must sing,

Music of such uncommon beauty,

Offered to honor his Lord and King.





Resonating God’s Glory

Instruments make musical sounds due to a physical property called resonance. Every object seems to have a natural frequency at which it will vibrate. It could be a string on a violin, the chamber of a horn, a glass, or even a bar of metal. If the object receives sufficient stimulus at its resonant frequency, the waves of vibration synchronize and build up on one another, producing a beautiful musical sound.


I think people, indeed, all of creation, also display a kind of spiritual resonance that is produced when our actions and our whole being correspond to God’s will and design.


The Ten Commandments give us a glimpse of this design and act as a type of blueprint for behavior. Living according to God’s plan—to how we were made to live— leads us to satisfying relationships and happiness.


But even this Law, as good as it is, is still only a discrete list. It does not and cannot fully describe the glory that God desires. While practicing the Law as a set of rules produces good results, the product can become only a mechanical copy of the masterpiece God intends.


So instead of following the Law alone, which remains a worthy but incomplete guide, the Father gave us the perfect image of who we are meant to be in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. And through the Holy Spirit, we receive just the right stimulus to excite our souls and allow us to resonate God’s glory.



Until That Day

One needn’t look far

to find those

who preach denial and desolation.


One might think

those without hope

would be content

to keep smug emptiness to themselves.


But in the name of a godless religion

they strike out against the poor and struggling,

seeking to ensnare and ensure their demise;

laying waste to all faith, hope, and love.


Intimidation and derision

become weapons

used by the clever

to slay truth and crush wisdom.


At times, it seems

those willing to take God’s side

have dwindled;

conveniently avoiding abuse from the wicked.


When God

looks across

the expanse of our world,

will He still find faith?


Though we suffer and

languish beneath attacks,

God will restore

His People.


Even now, His Spirit inspires,

but the day will come

when He will wipe away every tear

and we will see the glory of the Lord.


Based on Psalm 14