Small Groups

We are not meant to be isolated from others in our faith journey, but it is all too common for people who belong to a larger community (i.e. a parish) to feel very much alone. Sadly, some even prefer it that way. We need others to support and challenge us and to be Christ to the world.

Small groups consist of 2-15 people and are an important way for disciples to connect and be the Body of Christ. There are four basic types of groups: growth, support, affinity, and service.

Maintaining the health of small groups requires active pastoral care. Most parishes don’t have the resources to dedicate a staff member to fill this role and leaders often fail to appreciate the steps needed to help groups keep growing and experience ongoing conversion. Future posts will provide practical aids for pastoral leaders in this critical area of parish ministry, and if you belong to a small group, will offer insights to help prevent your group from becoming stale and complacent.

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