STEP Retreat – Questions for Reflection and Discussion

Questions for Reflection & Discussion

Part 1: What are you looking for? (John 1:35-42)

  1. Are you a curious person? Do you ask questions? Do you like to keep learning new things?
  2. Are you open to God? Are you seeking? Why or why not?
  3. What are you looking for? What do you hope to find?
  4. Where have you been looking, so far?
  5. What does your pattern of seeking say about you and your approach to life? To your relationship with God?


Part 2: Who do you say I am? (Matt. 16:13-17)

  1. Who has Jesus been for you in your life? How well do you know him? Or do you just know about him? Explain.
  2. If Jesus were to ask you right now, “Who do you say I am?”, how would you answer?
  3. In what ways could you grow in knowing Jesus and in your love for him?What might you do differently?


Part 3: What do you want me to do for you? (Mk 10:46-52)

  1. Have you had an experience where you called out to Jesus, “threw off your cloak,” and went to him for healing?
  2. How are you blind, now? In need of new sight?
  3. What prevents you from seeing?
  4. Do you trust Jesus? Do you love him? Enough to let go of whatever is holding you back?
  5. How would you respond to Jesus’ question: “What do you want me to do for you?”


Part 4: Why do you call me good? (Mk 10: 17-22)

            Consider the following as part of a self-examination:


Attitude #1: To have a contrite and repentant heart.

  • Have you ever acted in a way that was rude to others or said a careless word meant to hurt someone else’s feelings?
  • Are there areas of your life where you have demonstrated “hardness of heart?”
  • What did you do the last time you got things wrong? Did you feel sorrow and change your ways?
  • How readily do you ask for forgiveness?
  • How ready are you to admit when you’ve made a mistake? Or are you quick to make excuses and blame others?


Attitude #2: Humility.

  • Do you like to brag and exaggerate your strong points? Are you ready to set the record straight when someone thinks more highly of you than you deserve?
  • Do you ever find yourself comparing your abilities and qualities to other people?
  • Are you quick to notice faults in others? In yourself?
  • If you were really honest about it, what can you claim as your own?
  • How do you stack up next to God’s “standards?” Is your “sight” even clear enough to make a good self-examination?
  • Do you embrace your weaknesses, or are you more likely to deny them?


Attitude #3: Mercy and forgiveness toward others.

  • How well do you handle injuries you receive from others?
  • Are there people whom you have closed out of your heart?
  • How ready are you to forgive? To let go of the wrongs done to you?
  • Do you criticize others?
  • How quick are you to put down public figures with whom you disagree?
  • How well do you tolerate others’ mistakes? Their weaknesses?


Attitude #4: Compassion and caring for the needs of others.

  • Who do you care about? Who don’t you care about? Why not?
  • Do you put limits on how far you’ll go to help someone else? What is the motivation behind these limits?
  • Do you find some people hard to love?
  • Do you love people on your terms, their terms, or God’s?
  • How ready are you to give of yourself and your life for another person?


Attitude #5 Purity of heart and action.

  • How pure are your motives?
  • Do you always act out of selfless concern for others?
  • Do you act one way and think another?
  • Do you ever act for show, to gain approval, or to gain advantage?
  • Do you always tell the truth?
  • Have you kept your mind and your body pure?
  • When people see you, will they know who you really are, or will they see a phony image?
  • Could you come before God and claim your heart has been true in all circumstances?


Attitude #6: Trust in God.

  • How often do fear or anxiety determine your decisions?
  • What do you avoid and why?
  • How often do you bring your needs before God?
  • Who do you rely on more: God or yourself?
  • Do you “trust in God” mostly when it’s convenient or easy to trust?
  • If someone reviewed your life over the last 72 hours, what evidence would they find of you “trusting in the Lord?”


Attitude #7: Reverence & fear of the Lord.

  • Are all of your actions and decisions made with reverence for God?
  • How do you honor God in your speech and your actions?
  • Do you ever put yourself first before God?
  • How ready are you to do all things out of honor for God and his will? Or do other things motivate you?
  • How often do you offer God praise and adoration?


Attitude #8: Gratitude and thankfulness.

  • How readily do you show gratitude to and for others?
  • Do you carry a constant sense of gratitude for all of creation, for your abilities, for the people in your life, and for your blessings?
  • Are you thankful for your weaknesses, your suffering, the plans you made that didn’t work out, or the troubles you face?


Attitude #9: Patience & perseverance.

  • Do you have trouble waiting?
  • How easily are you frustrated when things don’t work out the way you expected?
  • Do you become irritated with others or with God when they don’t do something you want or when you want it done?
  • Do you get easily discouraged when things don’t work out, when God doesn’t seem to be listening, or when others don’t do what they’re supposed to do?
  • How well do you persevere following God’s will? Are you easily swayed by others?


Attitude #10: Hunger & thirst for God.

  • Do you long to spend time with God in prayer, or does it seem a chore or duty?
  • Do you welcome opportunities for spiritual growth?
  • Do you long for opportunities to know, love, and serve God, or are you more likely to prefer occasions of pleasure, entertainment, and self-indulgence?
  • Are you indifferent to everything except doing God’s will?
  • Are you passionate about Jesus?
  • How readily will you rearrange your daily schedule for God?


Attitude #11: A willingness to experience hardship and persecution for the kingdom of God.

  • Do you feel privileged and look forward to opportunities to talk about Jesus with others?
  • Are you indifferent to others misjudging you or receiving put downs because of your love for God?
  • Do you hesitate to share about God in your life? What holds you back?
  • Do you consider it pure joy to suffer for following Christ?


Part 5: Follow me. (Lk 5:1-11; Matt. 9:9)

  1. Looking over the things that have held you back from giving your life fully to Jesus, what can you do differently?
  1. What temptations will you face that will draw you back into slavery? What can you do to prevent these?
  1. Is Jesus asking you to do something new? How has he challenged you on this retreat? What are you going to do about it?


Part 6: What profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit oneself? (Lk 9:23-26)

  1. What must you deny to follow Christ?
  2. What cross will you carry for Jesus?
  3. Where is Jesus leading you?


Kevin Luksus

March 14, 2017

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