Finding Relief in Suffering: Part I

Perhaps you’ve heard a news report about the opioid crisis — the American phenomenon where increasing numbers of people are using and dying from opioids (i.e., medicines related to opium and used to relieve pain). Unfortunately, the medical community has had a part in creating the problem. When I first came out of medical school,Continue reading “Finding Relief in Suffering: Part I”

Keep Stretching

Many people include muscle stretching as part of their physical workouts. The goal is to improve joint mobility and reduce the risk of injury during their routine. How does this work? Our muscles have two interesting qualities: they are both viscous and elastic.Viscous material is thick and tends to maintain whatever shape you give it.Continue reading “Keep Stretching”

Catholic Integrative Medicine

Dis-Integration Holistic and integrative medicine mostly talk about how practitioners approach their patient’s care—considering all of the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions. But what about from the patient’s perspective? Is there something behind all the evil and trouble we face besides genetic errors, bad upbringing, and a faulty social structure? As a Catholic, IContinue reading “Catholic Integrative Medicine”

Miraculous Healing

In 2008, Sr. Bernadette Moriau made a pilgrimage to Lourdes, the Catholic shrine noted for the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Bernadette Soubirous and numerous miraculous healings. She had been wheelchair-bound and wore braces since 1980 due to a spinal condition. After attending a blessing for the sick, she felt a warmth andContinue reading “Miraculous Healing”