Keep Stretching

Many people include muscle stretching as part of their physical workouts. The goal is to improve joint mobility and reduce the risk of injury during their routine. How does this work? Our muscles have two interesting qualities: they are both viscous and elastic.Viscous material is thick and tends to maintain whatever shape you give it.Continue reading “Keep Stretching”

Seize the Way!

My wife used to shake her head when I would eat hot food that had gone cold or drink a warm soda. Not that I could blame her. Heat brings out the flavors in food and chilled soft drinks are more refreshing. Some food and drink aren’t palatable at room temperature. The same is trueContinue reading “Seize the Way!”

Counter-Dynamics: Obstacles to Spiritual Vitality and What You Can Do About Them

Ongoing conversion is necessary for spiritual vitality, and the Holy Spirit works in us to bring about this conversion. If we have received the Spirit through the sacraments, should we not, then, experience ongoing growth? What holds us back? Counter-dynamics! A counter-dynamic (my term and not the Church’s) is anything that creates resistance to conversion.Continue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Obstacles to Spiritual Vitality and What You Can Do About Them”