Is More, Better?

We want to be content; to feel happy and satisfied with ourselves and with life. We could list a thousand things people think they need so they can feel this way, but much of the time it comes down to one of the following: money, possessions, achievement, pleasure, recognition, or love. It’s only logical toContinue reading “Is More, Better?”


I was in college, three hours away from home, and I didn’t know a single person. Yet, in the course of six months, God had brought several of us together in a unique way, bonding us through our mutual love and passion for Jesus. Decades have passed and hundreds of miles separate us, but IContinue reading “Friends”

Life-Altering Fallacies and How You Can Avoid Them: Self-Esteem (Part 1)

I found the parish DRE* (Director or Religious Education) downstairs in the church hall. I wanted to pitch an idea to her about getting parents more involved with the spiritual education of their kids. I explained that once a month we would bring the parents into the classroom and let them work directly with theirContinue reading “Life-Altering Fallacies and How You Can Avoid Them: Self-Esteem (Part 1)”


The secret To having friends is to be one; To living in fellowship is to care for those around you; To enjoyment is to first help others have fun; To living in peace is to be at peace with others; To authenticity in relationships is to be genuine yourself; To freedom is to surrender toContinue reading “Paradox”