Where Is God?

Have you ever wondered, “Where is God right now when I need Him?” Perhaps you: Lost a job. Had a child who died or developed a chronic illness. Had your marriage end in divorce after your spouse had an affair. Have an addiction, and you can’t break it. Pray and do everything you’re supposed toContinue reading “Where Is God?”


Seeing my wife in the morning brings me joy. Her smile warms my heart. Her inner beauty and love delight my soul. Could it be that that’s how God feels about us? Despite knowing our every fault and failing, He delights in us. He’s the Prodigal Father who grieves His son’s departure and then unconditionallyContinue reading “Delight”

You Did It to Me

One of my grandchildren recently developed a serious, but treatable, health condition. Suddenly, I found myself experiencing all the same feelings of apprehension and anxiety that I had for my children when they were young and encountered trouble. Not only was I hurting for my grandchild, but I felt the stress that my daughter mustContinue reading “You Did It to Me”