Life-Altering Fallacies and How to Avoid Them: Successful Parenting (Part 2)

Last week we began to look at what it means to be a successful parent. I suggested that while some people have a feel for what this means, many remain confused. Let’s now look at some of the reasons for this confusion.   Expecting to control the outcomes. Parenting includes training and nurturing our children. […]

Life-Altering Fallacies and How You Can Avoid Them: Self-Esteem (Part 1)

I found the parish DRE* (Director or Religious Education) downstairs in the church hall. I wanted to pitch an idea to her about getting parents more involved with the spiritual education of their kids. I explained that once a month we would bring the parents into the classroom and let them work directly with their […]

Life-Altering Fallacies and How to Avoid Them: True Friendship

Internet articles about “myths” and “misconceptions” abound. Most of these perk our interest but have little to no consequence in our daily lives. There exist, however, widely-held fallacies that, if applied, can alter how we approach life and our relationships for the worse. We readily accept them due to their popularity and because each fallacy […]