The common belief that we need to raise our children’s self-esteem has become a cultural dogma. I would argue, however, that promoting self-esteem is not the real issue and that trying to raise self-esteem can even be harmful. Moreover, our efforts to build self-esteem can further our separation from God and keep us from findingContinue reading “Identity”

Room In Your Heart

Imagine a young couple and their infant daughter traveling in a remote area late one evening, when their car breaks down. It seemed good fortune that they were stranded only a quarter of a mile out of the town of Sans Coeur, and the couple was relieved to find several hotels nearby. But Sans CoeurContinue reading “Room In Your Heart”


I was in college, three hours away from home, and I didn’t know a single person. Yet, in the course of six months, God had brought several of us together in a unique way, bonding us through our mutual love and passion for Jesus. Decades have passed and hundreds of miles separate us, but IContinue reading “Friends”

Division or Peace?

Just yesterday, a friend echoed what I have already heard on many occasions: that he has never seen our country so divisive as it is today. I have to agree. But, why? We have always been a diverse people. Electronic communication and information systems have never been better. I believe the reason for our growingContinue reading “Division or Peace?”