The common belief that we need to raise our children’s self-esteem has become a cultural dogma. I would argue, however, that promoting self-esteem is not the real issue and that trying to raise self-esteem can even be harmful. Moreover, our efforts to build self-esteem can further our separation from God and keep us from findingContinue reading “Identity”

Faith, Science, and Wellness

There is a body of literature of which many people, including health professionals, are unaware. It has to do with scientific evidence for positive health outcomes among people of faith vs. those who are non-religious. I intend to summarize this data for you briefly. For more information and to find citations to professional articles inContinue reading “Faith, Science, and Wellness”

7 Keys to Living in Peace

For several months I’ve written blogs on topics related to finding peace in life. I could keep going, but it’s time to step back and put it all together. Here are my Seven Keys to peace.   Know, love, and follow Jesus. This is our starting (and end) point. Our hearts are restless with aContinue reading “7 Keys to Living in Peace”

Is More, Better?

We want to be content; to feel happy and satisfied with ourselves and with life. We could list a thousand things people think they need so they can feel this way, but much of the time it comes down to one of the following: money, possessions, achievement, pleasure, recognition, or love. It’s only logical toContinue reading “Is More, Better?”