Letting Go

A man wandered too close to the edge of a cliff and slipped over the edge. Fortunately, he was able to grab a tree growing out of the rock, saving him from a fall to certain death. Unfortunately, it was all he could do to hang on, and it was only a matter of timeContinue reading “Letting Go”

Managing Life’s Demands

Ann was one of three children, and perhaps more than any of them, she always felt a special attachment to her mother. As time went on, Ann’s brother and sister moved away, and Ann became the go-to person for her parents. Ann and her family always were there with her parents during the holidays. IfContinue reading “Managing Life’s Demands”

7 Keys to Living in Peace

For several months I’ve written blogs on topics related to finding peace in life. I could keep going, but it’s time to step back and put it all together. Here are my Seven Keys to peace.   Know, love, and follow Jesus. This is our starting (and end) point. Our hearts are restless with aContinue reading “7 Keys to Living in Peace”

Is More, Better?

We want to be content; to feel happy and satisfied with ourselves and with life. We could list a thousand things people think they need so they can feel this way, but much of the time it comes down to one of the following: money, possessions, achievement, pleasure, recognition, or love. It’s only logical toContinue reading “Is More, Better?”