What is GIGO? It stands for garbage in, garbage out. If you fill something up with garbage, what can you expect to get out of it? More garbage! And if we fill our mind with what is evil, worthless, demoralizing, and profane — we can expect more of the same to come out in ourContinue reading “GIGO”

Peace Beyond All Understanding

I used to belong to a community group that worked to help people get out of poverty. The perseverance, courage, and determination I observed exhibited by some of those in poverty was nothing short of heroic. They had achievable goals in mind, and they were not going to let obstacles stop them. Some others, however,Continue reading “Peace Beyond All Understanding”

The Gift of Presence

It was just going to be one of those days. Every patient had on more thing he wanted to discuss, telephone messages were piling up, and I was falling farther behind. I remember walking into a room and feeling relieved that my patient’s health problem (I’m a physician) was straightforward for a change. While myContinue reading “The Gift of Presence”


I was in college, three hours away from home, and I didn’t know a single person. Yet, in the course of six months, God had brought several of us together in a unique way, bonding us through our mutual love and passion for Jesus. Decades have passed and hundreds of miles separate us, but IContinue reading “Friends”