The Search for Peace

There is nothing so universal and powerfully motivating as the desire for peace. Man has always longed for peace and sought it. And yet, it remains elusive. No sooner than when we stop one aggressor, another pops up in his place. Just when we think our problems are over, new ones appear. It’s not onlyContinue reading “The Search for Peace”

Never Alone

Aaron had developed some close friendships over the past several years. While they enjoyed each other’s company, more importantly, they openly shared their faith and encouraged one another. Circumstances, however, were causing the fellowship slowly to break apart. A couple of his friends had already moved away, and the busyness of life was making itContinue reading “Never Alone”

There Is a Better Way

I remember attending a pediatrics conference a few years back where a speaker on adolescent medicine extolled the benefits of promoting birth control and condoms for teens and pre-teens. He laughed as he quickly dismissed the argument for abstinence education, ridiculing any practitioner who would promote it as not only naive but even negligent in theirContinue reading “There Is a Better Way”