Be Exalted

Although I have done no wrong, Trouble continues to pursue me. It prepares itself for my demise; Seeks to cast me into a pit, Deep and dark, From which there is no escape.   Surrounded, I try to hide away And elude The afflictions and Enemy That seek to bring me down.   At timesContinue reading “Be Exalted”

The Unwanted Gift

There once was a simple man, Paid a visit by his King, Who left him with a gift so strange; A flute he must make to sing.   Though unfamiliar with instrument, Untrained and lacking skill, Soon tunes began to issue forth To honor his Lord and liege‚Äôs will.   He left his home toContinue reading “The Unwanted Gift”


I know a man who claims to prefer Hell, And I could almost believe him For he clings so tightly To bitterness and decay.   I see others embrace darkness When life becomes hard, Their surrounding ills mimic The pain aching inside.   There are times When no one seems to care, And we think,Continue reading “Shine”

Soul Song

Atop a pole, In slender form; A mockingbird Greets the morn.   Dull, his color, Brown, gray and white. Wings flash When he takes flight.   His melody So strong and clear; I stop and turn So I can hear.   What makes him stand Against the sky And sing a song So lofty, soContinue reading “Soul Song”