Loving Yourself

I believe that following Jesus Christ is not just one way to live — it is THE healthiest approach to life! My experience has been, however, that most people don’t get this. They might think of Christianity as an excellent moral system and of Jesus as a wise teacher, but they fail to see how […]


The common belief that we need to raise our children’s self-esteem has become a cultural dogma. I would argue, however, that promoting self-esteem is not the real issue and that trying to raise self-esteem can even be harmful. Moreover, our efforts to build self-esteem can further our separation from God and keep us from finding […]

Life-Altering Fallacies and How You Can Avoid Them: Self-Esteem (Part 2)

Taking A Different Approach Non-believers often express dissatisfaction with Christianity because they see it as a system of oppressive rules and a crutch to use when facing life’s difficulties. In my estimation, they routinely fail to see how the Christian faith leads to mental and spiritual healing and health. Although my discussion is brief, I […]

Life-Altering Fallacies and How You Can Avoid Them: Self-Esteem (Part 1)

I found the parish DRE* (Director or Religious Education) downstairs in the church hall. I wanted to pitch an idea to her about getting parents more involved with the spiritual education of their kids. I explained that once a month we would bring the parents into the classroom and let them work directly with their […]