Knowing God’s Will & Making Decisions: Tales from the Trenches

I have tried to seek God’s when making a big decision about vocation, career, or whatever. I often felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. As I reflect on those times, however, I can see God’s hand guiding me through each situation. In the last posting (Following God’s Will), I shared some solidContinue reading “Knowing God’s Will & Making Decisions: Tales from the Trenches”

Knowing God’s Will & Making Decisions

Have you struggled with a major decision, like a career or vocational choice, while you tried to figure out what God wanted you to do? I have, on several occasions, and sometimes the process was a lot longer and more agonizing than it needed to be. In these next two posts, I hope to shareContinue reading “Knowing God’s Will & Making Decisions”

Conversion 101: Action

There he was, looking thin and insignificant next to his hulking father. Surrounded by a surging crowd of townspeople, St. Francis stood before the Bishop of Assisi while Peter Bernardone continued to pour out complaint after complaint against his wretched son. The people wondered: “Surely the Bishop will agree?” Only a few days earlier FrancisContinue reading “Conversion 101: Action”

Conversion 101: Conversion as a Way of Life

St. Bernard of Clairvaux taught that in the spiritual life we cannot remain the same: we must either advance or go backward. Nor is a relationship with Christ static; either we take up our cross and follow him, or we hold on to our “self” and try to stay put. A disciple’s path is oneContinue reading “Conversion 101: Conversion as a Way of Life”