Twenty-Five Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels—by Allan F. Wright

A few years ago, I heard Fr. Robert Barron suggest that we use the questions Jesus asked as a guide for our own reflection. I was intrigued by his advice, seeing it as a fresh and stimulating approach to prayer. Now we have the book, Twenty-Five Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels: Letting Jesus Lead YouContinue reading “Twenty-Five Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels—by Allan F. Wright”

Counter-Dynamics: Cultural Influences

We like to think of ourselves as independent thinkers who act freely as we see fit. But the culture we live in has a greater effect on us than we’d like to think, and in a way that can make us resist God’s work in us. Let’s take a look. Six Common Cultural Trends  Self-centrismContinue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Cultural Influences”

Counter-Dynamics: Natural Resistance to Change

Every human being has some natural resistance to change, and this resistance is not necessarily a bad thing. We enjoy familiar people, objects, and situations. Rather than always placing ourselves in danger or awkward situations, enjoying security and constancy can be healthy for us. Habits make our lives more efficient and preferable to having toContinue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Natural Resistance to Change”

STEP Retreat – A Weekend Retreat Experience for Catholics

My friend Pat, who helped run college retreats, had a roommate once tease him about how he was always “retreating.” “When are you going to start advancing?” he quipped. While on religious retreat we temporarily retreat from the secular world, it’s so we can advance in the spiritual life. We step away from the hustleContinue reading “STEP Retreat – A Weekend Retreat Experience for Catholics”