Working for the Master Designer​

He had just graduated from college and started his first job with a small engineering company. Living hundreds of miles away from friends and family and feeling the strain of working with a new group of people in a challenging field, Todd’s gut told him he already had enough on his plate.   But somethingContinue reading “Working for the Master Designer​”

Counter-Dynamics: Apathy & Indifference

I believe one of the greatest challenges facing American society today is a growing indifference to the Christian religion. Beyond a Philosophy or Moral System Most people, including atheists, would admit that Christianity helps to define moral behavior and distinguish right from wrong. Unfortunately, many people appreciate only this quality and use it as aContinue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Apathy & Indifference”

Counter-Dynamics: Hang-Ups

We all value freedom and nothing arouses our anger and resentment faster than someone trying to take away our rights. We commonly think of freedom as the power to act without restraint, especially when limitations come in the form of imprisonment or threat. But exercising the “freedom” to act as we please, can lead toContinue reading “Counter-Dynamics: Hang-Ups”

Twenty-Five Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels—by Allan F. Wright

A few years ago, I heard Fr. Robert Barron suggest that we use the questions Jesus asked as a guide for our own reflection. I was intrigued by his advice, seeing it as a fresh and stimulating approach to prayer. Now we have the book, Twenty-Five Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels: Letting Jesus Lead YouContinue reading “Twenty-Five Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels—by Allan F. Wright”