Keep Stretching

Many people include muscle stretching as part of their physical workouts. The goal is to improve joint mobility and reduce the risk of injury during their routine. How does this work? Our muscles have two interesting qualities: they are both viscous and elastic.Viscous material is thick and tends to maintain whatever shape you give it.Continue reading “Keep Stretching”

Pressing Forward

Eric Liddell had just taken his position in the outside lane of the 1924 Olympics’ 400-meter race. With most of his previous competitions at the shorter distances of 100 and 200 meters, he was at a disadvantage. But Liddell decided to run the 400-meter instead of the 100-meter race scheduled on Sunday.  As he sawContinue reading “Pressing Forward”

Life-Altering Fallacies and How to Avoid Them: Successful Parenting (Part 1)

I was dumbfounded. Sitting across from me in the exam room, my patient continued to review his lifestyle over the last two years. His son, who was in his early teens, had been playing baseball for a travel team. For nearly six months of the year, this boy’s family would spend their weekends at ballparks,Continue reading “Life-Altering Fallacies and How to Avoid Them: Successful Parenting (Part 1)”