Conversion 101: Action

There he was, looking thin and insignificant next to his hulking father. Surrounded by a surging crowd of townspeople, St. Francis stood before the Bishop of Assisi while Peter Bernardone continued to pour out complaint after complaint against his wretched son. The people wondered: “Surely the Bishop will agree?” Only a few days earlier FrancisContinue reading “Conversion 101: Action”

Conversion 101: Metanoia

Knowledge and comprehension alone will not produce change. Some people even consider such “enlightenment” as an end goal, where it is only the first movement. Today, we’re going to focus on the next step: metanoia. Self-knowledge, guided by Revelation, leads to understanding. Understanding, inflamed by Love, leads to metanoia. Metanoia applied, leads to action. ActionContinue reading “Conversion 101: Metanoia”