Knowing God’s Will & Making Decisions

Have you struggled with a major decision, like a career or vocational choice, while you tried to figure out what God wanted you to do? I have, on several occasions, and sometimes the process was a lot longer and more agonizing than it needed to be. In these next two posts, I hope to shareContinue reading “Knowing God’s Will & Making Decisions”

Conversion 101: Self-Knowledge

While the Holy Spirit inspires and empowers us, we can take concrete steps to move toward a life marked by ongoing conversion. Consider the following four-part formula: Self-knowledge, guided by Revelation, leads to understanding. Understanding, inflamed by Love, leads to metanoia. Metanoia applied, leads to action. Action surrendered, leads to conversion. In today’s post, we’llContinue reading “Conversion 101: Self-Knowledge”