Letting Go

A man wandered too close to the edge of a cliff and slipped over the edge. Fortunately, he was able to grab a tree growing out of the rock, saving him from a fall to certain death. Unfortunately, it was all he could do to hang on, and it was only a matter of timeContinue reading “Letting Go”

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

The disciples had just come away from an amazing miracle — feeding thousands of people with only five loaves of bread and two fish! Now they were back in the boat and working their way across the Sea of Galilee while Jesus stayed behind to pray. He would catch up to them on foot, crossingContinue reading “Keep Your Eyes on Jesus”

The Narrow Gate

Steve was fresh out of school and walking into what seemed for him a “dream” job as a financial advisor. He would benefit from the experience of his three senior partners and hoped he would quickly build up his client base. He trusted his partners, as they all appeared to be men of strong faithContinue reading “The Narrow Gate”

Never Alone

Aaron had developed some close friendships over the past several years. While they enjoyed each other’s company, more importantly, they openly shared their faith and encouraged one another. Circumstances, however, were causing the fellowship slowly to break apart. A couple of his friends had already moved away, and the busyness of life was making itContinue reading “Never Alone”